Mag. arch. Barbara Ludescher studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna where her final project was awarded with the Pfann-Ohman-Price. Before founding Ludescher von Spreckelsen, Architekturbüro in 2005, she was a long-standing co-worker for Atelier Prof. Ernst Hiesmayr in Vienna. In the Austrian region of Vorarlberg Barbara was working for Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten, in Rotterdam (NL) she was developing urban design projects for KCAP/Kees Christiaanse, and in New York-City she has worked for Lindy Roy on the design and completion of the winner of the MOMA-PS1-Young Architects Competition‘2001 and the realisation of the NYC-Vitra Flagship-Store. Between 2005 and 2010 she was Assistant Professor for Architecture, Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture at University of Kassel (with Prof. Georg Augustin). In 2012 she held a position as visiting lecturer at BTU Cottbus and in 2015 and 16 ‚Greenbuilding‘ at the FHC Vienna (AT) and Design and Construction at University of the Arts Berlin. After a visting professorship at University of Kassel from 2019-2020 and from 2020-22 at FH Erfurt-she is currently holding a professorship at Hafencity University in Hamburg (ENTWERFEN, STADT UND QUARTIER). Since 2007 Barbara Ludescher is a registered architect (AK Berlin Nr: 12353)

Dipl. Ing. Oliver von Spreckelsen made his diploma with Prof. Matthias Sauerbruch at Technical University of Berlin in 1997. Prior to founding Ludescher von Spreckelsen, Architekturbüro together with Barbara Ludescher he worked for prestigious international firms in Berlin (Sauerbruch & Hutton Architects), Rotterdam (Office for Metropolitan Architecture/OMA, Rem Koolhaas) and in New York-City (Cho-Slade Architecture). After teaching Architectural Design at Pratt Institute in New York (US) in 2003, he taught between 2007 and 2017 as Assistant Professor at the University of Arts (UdK) in Berlin and recently at DIA Dessau. Since 2003 he is a registered architect (AK Berlin Nr: 11490)

Staff since 2005: Anne Fissenwert, Frank Rödiger, Katrin Bockholt, Andreas Froncalla, Ilja Bentscheff, Patrick Unger, Violetta Razetta Burckhard, María Ángeles Mascort Albea, Pia Brückner, Johannes Maas, Jene van den Abeele, Ismael Cárdenas Gómez, Nikolaj Duriagin, Lars Müller, Sebastian Madre, Jasper Krause


since 2002, both have been continuously teaching in Austria, Germany and the US:
since 2022: visiting professor for ENTWERFEN, STADT UND QUARTIER at Hafencity University in Hamburg (bl)
2021-22: visiting professor at FH Erfurt (bl)
2021-ff: visting lecturer at DIA Dessau (ovs)
2019-2020: Barbara Ludescher holds visiting professorshipENTWERFEN IM STÄDTEBAULICHEN KONTEXT, University of Kassel
2007-17 assistant professor at University of the Arts Berlin / UdK (ovs & bl )
2016-17 co-organizer of Columbia/UdK summerschool (ovs, awarded with sto-Summerschool Award in 2017)
2015-16 lectureship for Green Building at FHC Vienna (bl)
2015-16 assistant professor TU Braunschweig (bl)
2011-12 visiting lecturer at BTU Cottbus (bl)
2005-10 assistant professor University of Kassel (bl)
2002-03 assistant professor at Pratt University (ovs)

both are frequently invited to juries among others: Princeton University, Pratt Institute, CooperUnion, NYIT New York City, Penn-State University, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, University of Applied Science Vienna, TU Berlin, BTU Cottbus, Bauhaus University of Weimar, University of Kassel and the Why Factory (t?f) at Aedes network Campus and DIA Dessau and AAP Cornell

Lectures, Panels & Publications

January 17, 2022: HEUTE FÜR MORGEN: EINFACH ENTWERFEN & KONSTRUIEREN, lecture at BHT Berlin (ovs),
September 21, 2021: NACHHALTIGE GEBÄUDETYPOLOGIEN FÜR DAS GEMEINWOHL, lecture at FH Wismar (ovs),
May 26, 2021: Fusion-Lecture-Series, Universität Kassel : ASPEKTE DES WOHNENS IN NICHT- ODER TEIL-TEMPERIERTEN RÄUMEN (bl),
House Magnolia at annual exhibition and publication: DA!-ARCHITEKTUR IN UND AUS BERLIN 2021, ISBN 978-3-03768-260-9 & and featared at the HOLZBAUATLAS Berlin and Brandenburg
article 'WE CAN DO THIS - MIGRATION AS A CATALYST FOR THE DEBATE ON AFORDABLE PUBLIC HOUSING IN GERMANY ' in domus 1038 September 2019, international edition ISSN0012-5377-91038,
June 11, 2019: Studio-Ludescher / Universität Kassel: OFFENE STADT / OFFENE GESELLSCHAFT, public presentation and debate with neighbours in Berlin Friedrichshain,
May 25, 2019: ANALOGE & DIGITALE ENTWURFSSTRATEGIEN, lecture at FH Erfurt (bl),
October 8, 2018: OFFEN & URBAN, lecture at TH Nuremberg (ovs),
contribution to column 'MEINE FREUNDE -MEINE FEINDE' in domus 29 January-February 2018, german edition ISSN2195-768129,
June 18, 2018: Make City II: panel of experts (ovs) at CafeBarbette " Architektur, Kunst und Cashflow -neue Gestaltungsräume für urbane Kultur in Berlin"
March 22, 2018: 'ART CITY LAB 2' workshop on spaces for art production and living, on behalf of the city administration of Berlin (ovs)
November 29, 2017: GESTALT FINDEN, lecture at FH Erfurt (bl),
June 26, 2016: COMMON ROOM, Public Spaces, Democracy & Emotions in Berlin, panel discussion by Max-Planck Institute for Human Developement in Berlin (ovs),
April 25, 2016: 'Lufträume', lecture on Berlin voids (046) at 'UTOPIAS & REALITIES, Socialist Modernism’ conference at Collegium Hungarium in Berlin (ovs),
November 20, 2015: GESTALTUNG, appeal lecture at TH Nuremberg (bl),
August 6, 2015: FADE, lecture at Bauhaus University (bl),
ISBN 978-3-7983-2648-4: BUILDING WITH CLIMATE ENVELOPES, case-study power-house (044) is featured in the manual KLIMAHÜLLEN by C. Steffan, A. Karasu, M. Buchholz, Universitätsverlag TU Berlin
June 18th, 2015: Make City: UTOPIEN IN ZEITEN DES WOHNUNGSMANGELS, panel discussion on the relevance of world heritage Hansaviertel and Karl-Marx-Allee in reference to the present debate on social housing
09/2012 : renovation University of Arts / UdK Berlin (049) is featured in FRAMEWEB
ISBN 978-3-03768-059-9: house A-mann (019) in 1000 X EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, Braun-publishers, Berlin 2010
ISBN 978-3-89462-226: Lufträume : wo nichts ist, ist alles möglich, Verlag der UdK Berlin / unfinnished
ISBN 978-3-89462-216-9: Abstract City #07, Wie Weiterbauen?,-193-3: Abstract City #04, Urban Housing, -187-2: Abstract City #02, Building Education & -179-7: Abstract City #01, Streets, ed. Prof. B. Götz (ovs), Verlag der UdK Berlin
ISBN 978-3-938780-10-7: house A-mann (019) in 1000 X EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURE, Braun-publishers, Berlin 2007
ISBN 3-936314-97-7 urban rebuilding Schwerin (007) in Tatort Stadt as Work Place City, Nr 17 Bauhaus -Edition, Jovis-Publishers 2006
ISBN 978-3-7983-1958-5: urban rebuilding Schwerin (007) in Uwe Altrock, JAHRBUCH STADTERNEUERUNG 2004 /05
April 4th, 2005: Green Banana (011) presented during the workshop "Flächenverbrauch in der Metropolregion" at the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg
October 14th, 2004: urban rebuilding Schwerin (007) exhibited in the course of symposium CHANCEN UND POTENTIALE JUNGER PLANER IN DEUTSCHLAND at Bauhaus Dessau
ISBN 3-7667-1610-7: urban rebuilding Schwerin (007) in 'Tatort Stadt, Ideen junger Planer zum Stadtumbau' ed. by Federal Ministry of Construction and Environment BVBW, BBR & 'Bundes-Stiftung Baukultur', Callway-publishers 2004
July 17th, 2004: public presentation and debate of urban scheme (007) at Schwerin-Neuzippendorf
June 9th, 2004: symposium FEEDBACK 3-6-12 lecture by Barbara Ludescher at Akademy of Fine Arts Vienna /Akademie der Bildenen Künste Wien (bl)
04/2004: GARTEN + LANDSCHAFT, 'Visionen zum Stadtumbau' urban rebuilding Schwerin (007), page 30ff
ISBN 0-9703140-3-5: mass-costumized house (003) in Praxis Journal, Harvard Graduate School of Design # 3, 2001


098: roofextention house-G&G Berlin, 097: house-H Nordwestuckermark, 096: Parusel weekend retreat, 095: house-K2 Berlin, 094: house-N Berlin, 093: stage construction for a kids musical, Nordwestuckermark, 092: Gröninger Hof / transformation of a parking garage into cooperative housing in the centre of Hamburg, 091: Rotweg cooperative housing developement , Stuttgart-Iba27, 090: Quillow-21 / Nordwest-Uckermark, 089: multifunctional building for a public school in Vetschau, Brandenburg, 088: Attic-N.N., Berlin 087: addition to a landmark nursing home of the 1960s , feasibilty study Johannisbergerstraße in Berlin-Wilmersdorf for Gesobau, 086: redensification and noise protection , feasibilty study Dolomitenstraße in Berlin-Pankow for Gesobau, 085: public housing as vertical addition to an discounter building , feasibilty study Müllerstraße in Berlin-Wedding for Gesobau, 084: Mein Block im MV, urban studies in Märkisches Viertel for Gesobau, 083: a set of communal centers for Hafen-City Hamburg, 082: R.a.d.R, revitalization of a Bavarian village, 081: 3 x Living in Marzahn: 3 urban studies Gesobau, 080: Spremberger Vorstadt in Cottbus, 079: roof-top Gleditschstraße 62 & 65 in Berlin- Schöneberg, 078: Atelierhaus Türrschmidtstraße, 077: Magnolia / J &A Aluminum-House, 076: refurbishment of info-point BStU Normannenstraße 2017, 075: incubating the invisible talents of Berlin-Lichtenberg/ International summerschool 2017, 074: New FH-Campus Vienna competition / honarable mention 2017, 073: New Urban Housing competition for Bonn-Vogelsang 2016, 072: Campus Geisenheim competition 2016, 071: Schumacher quarter Berlin 2016, 070: house C&F in Hemdingen 2016ff , 069: instant shelter - sustainable neighbourhood / International summerschool 2016, 068: Grünes Regal S2 community housing in Berlin-Mitte 2015ff, 067: super-slim terraced community housing P63, 066: firestation Hamburg-Reinbek, 065: urban design and housing competition Michelangelostraße Berlin, 064: Lofthaus K11, in Berlin-Tiergarten, 063: re-densification of Dachauerstraße, Munich, housing competition, 062: terraced housing Brantstraße in Munich, housing competition, 061: Grünes Regal XXL, finalist at Potsdam-Drewitz housing competition, 060: addition to Secondary School Egg, 059: implemtetation of 100 living units to Niederrath, Frankfurt a.M. , 058: Maps of Potentails: research on common space in public housing, 057: Am Karpfenteich gymnasium Berlin-Zehlrendorf, 056: university campus Salzburg, 055:elemtary school Salzburg, 054: psychiatric children ward Perchtoldsdorf, 053: Fade To Grey: attic renovation MF in Berlin-Prenzlauerberg, 052: renovation & extension Rowing Club Berlin Köpenick, 051: showroom & office renovation isogon in Berlin Neuköln, 050: school for special needs education Innsbruck, 049: renovation University of Arts / UdK Berlin , phase II, 048: housing competition Sillblock Innsbruck, 047: student housing Würzburg, 046: Lufträume - Berlin voids: Margerete Schütte-Lihotzy Research Grant bythe Federal Governemnt of Austria, 045: Grünes Regal: ongoing research on hothouse-additions to post-war housing structures, 044: case-study power-house Berlin, 043: Berlin West-End, 042: home for the elderly, Arzl AT 2010 , 041: renovation of Federal Job Center Berlin Reinickendorf, 040:hillside housing cluster, Altach-Levis AT 2009, 039: City Hall Recklinghausen (competition: honorable mention), 038: home for the elderly, Nenzing AT (competition: 3.price), 037: home for the elderly in Egg/Vorarlberg , 036: young boat-builders shop for iba Hamburg2013 (competition: 2.price), 035: Chemergie-Park Hürth, 2008 (urban design competition: 2.price), 034: school-extension Gallus in Bregenz, 033: Campus Kassel (urban design competition: 5th prize), 032: highrise-study Köpenickerstraße 20 for Nicolas Berggruen Holdings, 031: housing at Ulm-Lettenwald, 030: renovation UdK, 029: patio-villa BuC in Hohenems AT, 028 : attic addition Hohenzollerndamm, 027: housing competition Flörsheim, 026 : housing competition Meiningen, 025: wooden single unit pre-fab starterhouse, 024: Berlin West-End flat, 023: promotion IGAHamburg & Iba2013, 022: house A-pel / climatic barn, 021 : Blum-Showroom in Dornbirn 2006, 020: Vision Rheintal 2006, 019: house A-mann 2005, 018: Ningbo City Museum (competition in China 2.prize), 017: Zentrale Randlage / city-without-city, Lauterach , 016 : masterplan Schlossinsel Hamburg Iba2013, 015: JUKI- youth centre Hamburg-Wilhemsburg Iba2013, 014: Iba-see landmark competition (finalist), 013: down by the river, Rosenheim, 012 : Campus Bauhaus Dessau, 011: Green Banana, urban design & housing competition Henstedt-Ulzburg, 2004 (finalist), 010: Wohninseln Schwerin, 009: Studioberlin I, 008 : shrinking cities, 007: urban rebuilding Schwerin (competition: 1.price), 006 : New York Housing competition, 005 : Camarones, energy-self-sufficient finca in Ecuador, 004: City Nord urban design Hamburg, 003: mass-costumized house, 002: subterranean frontier, Bregenz, 001 house R / retrofitting of a prefab-bungalow into a patio house outside Hamburg


Ludescher von Spreckelsen Architekturbüro is a GbR, Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts based in 10243 Berlin
UStD-IdNr: DE231372992
Befugnisse: Architektenkammer Berlin Nr: 12353 am 12.06.2007 (bl), Nr: 11490 am 20.09.2004 (ovs)
banking information: IBAN DE44100700240169230000, BIC DEUTDEDBBER

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